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The heavy pounding was like a rubber mallet banging the wooden door. Bea dropped the small sack onto the kitchen table and tore off her coat and gloves, each finger tingling from unusual cold that permeated the town. She had just closed and bolted the door and was hesitant to check the peep-hole. It might be Mick, that audacious man down the hall with split lower lip healing after his last reported boxing match.

Mick made her skittish sometimes with his wary sullenness, abrupt words tossed her way as they passed one another, the way his black hair fell over his forehead barely covering a scar that trailed between his eyebrows. He wasn’t, she thought, so mean as tough. He had a wife who was loud and friendly in that way that overwhelmed her but they always greeted each other, chatted a bit. Bea had thought the two of them…

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Plane crashes that were caused by pilot error — Metro

Pilot error is being examined as the caused of the Dubai plane crashAs investigators explore pilot error as the possible cause of the Dubai plane crash, we examine occasions cockpit mistakes have led to accidents. Dramatic footage shows Emirates plane catch fire after crash-landing at Dubai International Airport The Emirates flight crash-landed without landing gear at Dubai International…

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.SCANd..The execution of Charles and death of parent bring lots of controversial discussion in the electronic and print media, seminars, workshops, and retreats were organised in schools (high, colleges and universities) to sensitise the pupil on the danger and punishment (penalty) for offenders. Yet thousands of youths come out from the institution with lot of hope that a white collar JOB await their resumption but reverse is the case, they involved in these illicit business having in mind the disciplinary measure (penalty) just to survive, you wonder is the youths truly a leader of tomorrow, where the atmosphere is not favourable.
Owing a business in an atmosphere full of corruption is horrible, opportunities are few but the pit-fall many. Compare a child with silver-spoon to that with none a huge difference base on the expositions and orientations given to each child. These gaps were brought great foes among the people causing ethnic or tribal wars within the country. A rich or wealthy man once said “my ward can’t be equal to the poor-man ward because the poor-man wards are nothing but of cowardice pest” in community full of average people, hell was let loss but immediate respond of the security personal, the rich-man will be rest in his grave, there would have being an eruption of violence in the community on the word spoken by the man. The people are not happy, source of his were questionable by everyone within that community, the youths are being marginalise and enslave, they are left alone to structure their destiny without assistance from the government or religion bodies or non-governmental organisation (NGO). When such magnitude of opportunity comes, they gladly welcome it with a twinkle of seconds, believe that the future has come to place, they dance with the mighty and heavy weight in the country, they have found their way into government system through the corruptive imprint among the government agencies.
Operating a business is something else, taxation and levies are not encouraging, huge amount paid on the goods or products imported or exported in turns the owners place a high price on the product, the purchasing power are discouraging, when the wages are below one’s power and sales are low, turn-over’s could not be reach, staff strength had to drop, unemployment sets, business operators are not happy, counting the cost of productions, transportations and logistics, cost of energy or fuel to power productions, maintenances of machinery, monthly or annual tax remittance to government, levies and staff wages etc while won’t there be an unemployment crisis. The taxes or levies paid are not properly remitted into the state government account instead facilitating self pocket, still state governor’s claim thousand JOBS are created for the youths, the said tax paid are not use for the structure proposed. Local productions are not left behind. It has become a modus-operandi’s where taxations and levies frisson the investors and local business owners to operate or put their money in turns maximize their profit and create opportunities but reverse is the case, it is a right to pay your tax and abide to the customs and cultures of a country.
The scripture says in EXODUS 30: 11-16 “The lord said to Moses “when you take census of the people of Israel, each man is to pay me a price for his life, so that no disaster will come on him while the census is being taken everyone included in the census must pay the required amount of money, weighed according to the official standard. Everyone being counted in the census that is, every man twenty years old or older, is to pay me this amount. The rich man is not to pay more nor do the poor man less, when they pay this amount for their lives. Collect this money from the people of Israel and spend it for the upkeep of the tent of my presence. This tax will be the payment for their lives, and I will remember to protect them””. Romans 13: 6-7 “that is also why you pay taxes because the authorities are working for God when they fulfil their duties. Pay then, what you owe them; pay them your personal and property taxes and show respect and honour for them all”. Several instants Jesus said to the disciples the important of tax payment in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in Matthew 17: 24-26 “ when Jesus and his disciples came to Capernaum the collectors of the temple-tax came to Peter and asked “Does your teacher pay the temple-tax?” ‘Of course’ Peter answered. When Peter went into the house, Jesus spoke up first, ‘Simon what is your opinion? Who pays duties or taxes to the kings of the world? The citizens of the country or the foreigners?’ ‘The foreigners’ answered Peter ‘well, then’ replied Jesus ‘that means that the citizens don’t have to pay but we don’t want to offend these people. So go to the lake and drop in a line. Pull up the first fish you hook, and in its mouth you will find a coin worth enough for my temple-tax and yours. Take it and pay them our taxes” instead of utilise the taxes, levies generated as revenue to proven the dividend of democracy but kleptocracy (government by the thieves and daylight robbery). A bazaar for enrichment with false financial report to freeze their psyche. The creation or introduction of anti-graft agencies (economic and financial crime commission [EFCC], the independent corrupt practice commission [ICPC] and asset declaration commission [ADC]) are not better, corruption had being stream-line but the commendations are so dementia to the youths.
The characters motives are born of a confusing mixture of superstition, religion and rational objectives. The establishment of democracy surprisingly darken the work, left bloody imprint and thus continuous pursuance. We look to the denuded temple on the rock of the acropolis to inspire and enlighten the youths but they are thrall as classical civilisation. The creator of democracy brought devilish ambitious and acclaimed LOGICOMIX in 1999. After the earlier work, the creators seek to transcend the apparent simplicity by using sophisticated technique, eschewing the obvious. There is no mention of democracy nor its most distinguished advocate, Pericles. Instead, we have the chaotic build-up to the so-called age of our past “HERO” compatriots, seen through the eyes of a fictional youth, the protagonist who is drawn into the various civil conflicts that bedevil and rub up against the most famous figures of the day. The action is hero us, the moral delineation have lead their character into fuzzy. The triumph of democracy which in any case differs widely from what we have today under the same name. The process through the arrival at their version of democracy is to be respected and admired. What a time it must have been, the 1979 era of GENERAL OLUSEGUN OBASANJO to ALHAJI SHEHU SHAGARI was a political class that was forced for the first time, truly come to terms with the growing power of the people. The running of the modern marathon is one of the reminders of classical Nigeria’s most dramatic moment, there are plenty more, the assassination. Threats and dons, military coups, judicial manipulations, extra judicial killing, political thugg’ery, illegal detentions, election racketeering, money laundry, snatching of election materials, threat to life, false result and lot of irregularity to present moment.
“I don’t care” said the weary man interviewed on Aljazeera news programme “inside story” a couple of days before the Nigeria general election “I just don’t care” his sense of fatigue and disillusion-ment was widely shared by his compatriots. Celebrations even among the party’s most impassioned supporter were muted. The feeling is widespread among the Nigerians, they no longer govern themselves. The coming years will see a series of strict measures, demanded by outside institutions, put in place as the country attempts to pay debt and balance their massive financial imbalance. This was not surely how democracy meant to work. Not in the country that lays claim to its invention and certainly the political imagination was to enrich their personal motive, the psyche of every Nigerians in any political positions or appointment obviously knock the youths into concuss with promises that can’t be fulfil, prior to the victor various claims had been laid but couldn’t fulfil, they canvass the youths through the political party’s by woe them as agents to spy the opposition parties. The birth of democracy in 1999 brought about multi-party system where the PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP) was the leading party that immerse the victor of the presidential seat for the period and the ALL PEOPLE’S PARTY (APP),ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY (AD) were the opposition party that vehemently stood to out-seat the ruling party but the game was a psycholinguist acts of fusing the youths into militancy from the six geo-political region, assassinations of top political person (s) with the aid of youths, kidnapping, vandalism of government property with consent of some agencies, these parties play intelligent, through the mobilisation of youths as watchdog, in means of JOB creation. The dividend of democracy was play down to the psyche of the youths by the means of small and medium scale enterprises programmes (SME) with the financial institutions through the loans but reverse is the case because the loans are monies that are not remitted but cornered into individual pocket, corruption was the issue, state governors were stealing huge some in the name of project execution and deposit it in European bank, ugly stories how governors were arrested in Europe on money laundry, buying properties and excessive spending. Prior to these dividends, huge debt was before the country owe by the PARIS CLUB, WORLD BANK AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF), couldn’t be accounted, explained on what the money borrowed from these organisation were used. All these and more serotonin the youths into vicious vices as religious, political militants. Nigeria has a chequered history when it comes to repaying debt. Defaults span the 19th and 21st centuries, peaking with year’s failure to pay back the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) on time. The country debt market had being laid dormant amidst troubles.
Throughout the current crisis, there had being a brisk trade in short-term treasury bills but investor rarely invest into irregular debt sales, the apex bank comes out with policies in turns encourage corruptions through restructuring the financial institutions in recapitalisation of the institutions monetary policies through the raising of NAIRA TWENTY-FIVE BILLION CAPITALISATION (N25,000.000,000), many banks went under, some merge and acquired, yet corruption could not be curtain, non refundable loan was discovered with top executives and government officials, yearly the poverty rate and unemployment is on the increase, the youths are blood tasty vampire who desperate to take law into their hands by vicious means, the introduction of petroleum subsidies were pass into law, the effect were high because the money generated from the subsidies were improper utilise for the country infrastructure development and state allocations but unstable price to the product amidst the wages of the citizenry, economic summits were organised, invites foreign professions to fool the people on the economy policy, you ask where are the Nigeria professions? The money for inviting such professions won’t be explained to the populace. Emerging markets are already under strain as the US dollars strengthen against the Nigeria naira, making the cost of servicing debt denominated in dollars harder to bear. This has been a source of worry for some time, in part because it does not always appear on government balance sheet. Annual BUDGET runs deficit in all the sectors where monies are allocated (EDUCATION, HEALTH, DEFENCES, HOUSING, SECURITY, etc) to fund it structures could not be accounted, it is exasperating to hear the monies meant for such infrastructure is misappropriated and explain how it was spend. Before the general in 2015 the former apex bank chief executive had spoken vehemently, irregularities within the banks, insurances companies, petroleum subsidies, bonds and missing of TWENTY BILLION AMERICA DOLLARS (US$20,000,000,000.00), NINTY BILLION AMERICA DOLLARS (US$90,000,000,000.00) discovered in a private own by a religion magnate, said for the purchase of arm in South Africa. The PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP) created the avenue for such aid but ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) weren’t better, excessive political racketeering and prostituting within the parties, max defect from the opposition to the current ruling party you wonder, are they serotonin? Same sets dictating that corruption is stealing are same thieves agitating for youth’s empowerment without fund. TWO BILLION, ONE MILLION AMERICA DOLLARS (US$2100, 000,000,000.00) for the purchase of arms in combating or fighting terrorism for the military prior to the general elections was shared among selves, the drama was ugly and sad, is FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI (music notch) prophecies now real? Youths psyche now imbalance.
Several years the challenges facing Nigeria has become a worrisome issue to the citizenry particular the youths, who have been made harden on the issue which re-occur without any measure of change and the orientations they receive from various bodies such as the religious, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and circular sections of the government had led a massive concussion that result to their neurovascular membrane dysfunction, that led to various unrest in all the nooks and cranny of the country. The marginalisation of the youths in Nigeria is like the story of “EAGLE AND THE MOTHER-CHICKEN”.
In a particular rain forest within is a mountain where eagles’ colony lives and flew round it, a female eagle (falcon) gave birth to several eaglets, goes out in search for food, unknown to her, one of the eaglet fell off from the mountain. The eaglet was hurt and could not flap it wings , it talons could not grab or hold anything, a farmer whose farmland is close to the mountain saw the eaglet, took it, treat the eaglet and kept the eaglet in the poultry. Prior to this, mother-chicken and other chicks had being living in the poultry months, fed with chicken-feed supply by the farmer and she was so chicken-hearted (livered) full of chicken-hazard among fellow chicks, they constitutions that bind them. The eaglet was kept in poultry and chicken-fed with the chicken, initially he was afraid and separate self with the chickens. During the habitation the eaglet came across mother-chicken, conversations’ begins
MOTHER-CHICKEN: You are welcome to our family
EAGLET: Thank you [frisson and covering face]
MOTHER-CHICKEN: Don’t be afraid you part of us
EAGLET: Who are you?
MOTHER-CHICKEN: I am mother-chicken and YOU?
EAGLET: Eaglet
EAGLET: Why is your peak point and curve little and my curve?
MOTHER-CHICKEN: [laugh] Well, we are all the same species with different shapes of peak
The conversations was lengthy, mother-chicken explains the modus-Vivendi and how things are done, psychologically the eaglet had being fuse as a chicken, fellow chicks were envious seen the eaglet and mother-chicken together. The eaglet grew into a full eagle but had the mind of a chicken, struggle with the aged mother-chicken and fellow chickens causing lot of chicken-hazard within the poultry. One faithful day the farmer had limited supply of chicken-feed, so he decided to loosen some chickens including the eagle and mother-chicken to move round within the farmland to feed self, as they move within the eagle saw a fellow eagle flying round the mountain unknown to the eagle mother-chicken has ran into a shade for safety [frighten]
EAGLE: Mother-chicken, where are you?
MOTHER-CHICKEN: I am in the shade behind you
EAGLE: The birds up there look like me
MOTHER-CHICKEN: I told you previous that we are from the same species but can’t fly
EAGLE: Mother-chicken come out and see what I am saying
MOTHER-CHICKEN: Oops!!! The bird, you are looking at are eagle, when it sees you, it will kill you
EAGLE: I don’t understand. [Frozen with fear]
MOTHER-CHICKEN: You can see that I and fellow chicken ran for safety because the eagles up, are vampire.
EAGLE: What is vampire? I am frighten too
MOTHER-CHICKEN: Vampires are blood tasty birds that feed on other birds [flesh]
The eagle immediately ran into the shade for safety. They returned to the poultry, yet the eagle psyche had been infected with psycholinguistic therapy mother-chicken immerse in his neurovascular membrane believing, he was a chicken. They narrated the ordalium (ordeal) to other chickens, how they escape from the hands of blood tasty, flesh eater eagles and returned back to the poultry. Some chickens had being raising brawn with the eagle when it comes to meal, they decide to set a trap in order to create unrest within the poultry, they hired a female chicks to invite the eagle to her meal-tray for meal, the eagle consents to the invitation unknown that it was a trap to accuse or indict him on sexual assault so he can be banish for months without meal and torture for the act. Early the following morning, the farmer supplied the chicken-feed, put the feeds on each tray, the eagle went to the female chick meal-tray, as she saw the eagle, grabbed the eagle, held him on the wings and screamed for help. The chickens ran in, found the chick and the eagle in an argument, they bound on the eagle without explanation and summon him to court on the sex assault accuse by the female chick.
The magistrate walks into the courtroom, all the chicken stood up as the clerk beckons on the bell
CLERK: Court!!! [All stood]
MAGISTRATE: Clerk, what are the day issues?
CLERK: The sexual assaults between the eagle and the authorities [eagle was called to stand in the witness box]
PROSECUTOR: Mr Eagle you are standing in today on a count charges of sexually assault.
PROSECUTOR: Can the clerk call on the female chick to the witness box
[The clerk called on the female chick to the witness box]
PROSECUTOR: Chick, do you recognise the person who stands in front of you
CHICK: Yes I do
PROSECUTOR: Who is he?
CHICK: Can you tell, this honourable what happen on the night when the farmer supplied the chicken-feed to your meal-tray?
CHICK: The eagle had been disturbing me whenever e sees me in the poultry, he made several attempt but I refuse
EAGLE: Ah!!! [That is a lie]
Noise from the audience in the room
CLERK: Order!!!!!!!!!
PROSECUTOR: You said the eagle had made several attempts, why didn’t you report the matter to the authority
CHICK: I did but they did not listen
PROSECUTOR: My lord, that is all for now
The eagle’s lawyer stood up and examines the female chick
LAWYER: You said, the eagle had being making attempt to seduce you severally, can you tell this court at what ground did the eagle comes to you in terms of any relationship.
CHICK: Several occasions
LAWYER: I put to you, that you are a liar, going by the size of the poultry, you have never come to terms with the eagle and you stand here accusing the eagle falsely.
CHICK: You are putting words in my mouth
LAWYER: My lord, the female chick is falsely accusing the eagle on the ground of sexual assault.
MAGISTRATE: Looking at this case today, we will not arrive at any conclusions; therefore the matter is adjourning to three working days so that you can put your house in order.
The magistrate stood up, all the audience arise in honour; outside the court the chickens were mocking the eagle shouting [Rapist!!!].The eagle was depressed and left alone but the lawyer cross-examine him (Eagle) one to on, the eagle explained how it all happened. On the third working day, the matter called before the magistrate.
CLERK: The sexual assault between the eagle and the authority, the eagle was called to the witness box with the female chick stand opposite. [Lawyer stood]
LAWYER: Mr Eagle, do you know the person opposite you
EAGLE: Yes I do
LAWYER: Can vividly explain to this honourable court what happen on the day you were accused sexually assaulting the female chick.
EAGLE: I was in the poultry doing my usual routine job, she came, inviting me on her meal-tray initially I refused the offer but she insisted, while are friend if I can’t share with her in the same poultry, so I agreed to the invitation, unknown that it was trap set to accuse me.
[Shouting, Rapist!!!!!!!!!]
CLERK: Order!!!
EAGLE: Before I know the chickens have all gather round in support of the female chick, my lord
LAWYER: My lord, that is all for now
PROSECUTOR: You said that you were wrongly accused of this crime, do you have any witness to support your statement.
PROSECUTOR: I put to you Mr. Eagle, you are a liar and deserve to be punish for the crime
Witnesses arise in support of the female chick, saying false statement against the eagle, starting from the elders to the least of the chicken even mother-chicken testify , then the magistrate read the final judgement. The lawyer files a statement that a medical report should be carried out so that it can be proven either Mr. Eagle is guilty or not guilty. Medical report was carried out but the chicken with the prosecutor had bought over the medical personal with threat to life and they consent to the order of the chicken unknown to the lawyer and eagle. The report was read in court and was in favour of the female chick, Mr. Eagle grunts and growls in pains that the report wasn’t the real report but a conspiracy; the lawyer objected the statement and said that his client is innocence of the crime he was accused of. Psychologically the eagle has been psychotic infected in brain.
MAGISTRATE: We have move forward and backward, toss the coin and put heads together but to know any conclusions, sexual assault in accordance to the constitutions and the modus Vivendi if the accused is found guilty of the crime, the accused will be banish either life or incarcerated for months, from the cross-examination between the chick, eagle with the witnesses and medical report statement, it was concluded that Mr. eagle could not zip up his trouser and everything that are glistering is not gold, therefore Mr. Eagle, you are guilty of the crime. The constitutions vehemently take this crime [sexual assault] serious and the culprit shall face the gravity of the crime THUS Mr. Eagle, you are to be reminded in poultry prison for ninety days [90 days] without meal. I arise. [Eagle was grunting and growling for his innocence]
The chickens were celebrating and the female chick was paid the act. The lawyer files for appeal at the appellate court but several adjournments from the appellate court. Finally the appellate court seat, after deliberating on the matter, they granted the release of the eagle. The eagle was release with conditions, the eagle had undergone depressions and could not recognise self but needs psychiatrist treatment to balance self, thanks to mother-chicken who stood by the eagle led a helping hand for the eagle resuscitations, the eagle appreciated mother-chicken still fuzzy with fellow chicken.
There was a hunter who comes around during the annual chicken festival, held every eleventh months to buy chicken. Suddenly he saw an eagle and beckons on the farmer attention
HUNTER: Excuse me sir
FARMER: How can I be of help to you? Sir
HUNTER: Is this not an eagle? And what is it doing in the poultry?
FARMER: He is a chicken
HUNTER: I don’t understand
FARMER: the bird, you see over there, is not an eagle but a chicken
The hunter was curious and dissatisfy with the farmer approach and statement so they come to an agreement that within three days if the eagle should fly away, the hunter forfeit the chicken and pay for the lose eagle.
The hunter came took the eagle with the farmer went to the farmland raised the it up in the directions of the sun
HUNTER: Eagle, you are not to be in poultry [threw it up but it fell down]
FARMER: Ha!!!! [Laughing] is a chicken
HUNTER: You are not fair to the eagle
FARMER: The eagle had stayed in the poultry months, fed and struggle with fellow chicken, you expect the eagle to recognise self as king of the sky.
The hunter and the farmer went home, he was troubled with the farmer speeches so decided to take the eagle to the top of a mountain.
HUNTER: Eagle, this is your place [Point it again in the direction of the sun, threw it but it fell down].
FARMER: He is a chicken.
HUNTER: You are wicked to the eagle let it go.
FARMER: Instead, you are unfair, you threw the eagle up and land to the ground with injuries, I bear the cost for the treatment.
The hunter was persisting that the eagle is not a chicken and should have the opportune to freedom but the farmer pragmatic approach was exasperating and worrisome the eagle prerogative had been truncated.
The hunter took the eagle with the farmer went into a thick rain forest within were metamorphic rock, where eagles flew round in a circuitous way in the direction of the sun, he directed the eyes of the eagle towards the sun [farmer looks in smile]
FARMER: You are wasting your precious time, the eagle is a chicken
[Hunter did not listen to the farmer]
HUNTER: Eagle, you are not meant to be in the poultry, you are the king of the sky. [The eagle saw his fellow eagle]
HUNTER: [threw the eagle up and he flew away] up you go
The farmer was expecting the eagle to fall but stood looking as the eagle was gliding in the sky with companies with other eagle. He looked at the hunter but short of words and they returned to their homes.
The youths are the eaglet which transform into an eagle while the mother-chicken is the government, religious organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGO) who had nothing to offer but extorts and integrates their psychotic mind with multi-vocational and inspirational speeches through the establishment of entrepreneurial, technical and vocational centres, public defender centre(where unemployed lawyers seek relief of survival) many more. Statistical rate of over –employment, unemployment and ghost work were on the increase, poverty bites hard, housing rate so high and excessive increase of levies, the youth psyche has been truncated with several blows that resulted to concuss through the ugly act by the governmental and religious authorities, militia on the increase in the six geo-political regions and they expect the youths not to compromise from the life-long ugly habit: the culmination- an experience that fills with hot, sterile excitement, an unfathomable mystery forcefully, angrily ignite the psychoactive mind; their impetuous organs (heat) inwardly throbs for absolution at the same time can’t keep the frequent snigger for their self-justifications : “a thief heart is an impetuous organ while inwardly throbs for absolution, same time bragging”. The portrait of a thief is to paint or weather the gods were good while skies were taking cues from characteristically accomplished idea logy like the one: outside wild gusts of wind swept through the streets, driving scuds of silvery rain before them and enormous claw-like sycamore leaves, fallen but still green some of them skittered along the pavements making a scratching sound (grunt and growl) without the insipience of wisdom.
The birth of tragedy symbolises order and chaos, where pressures are all around which often shares their fear and pain. It’s a tough environment the youths live can be ruined. The failure brings great poignancy about a life; the exposure bring the hopelessness it breeds, the ego, the competitiveness, the vanity but inside it all the passion. The iatrical facts fascinate their vocation but clear sight on destruction. When the investors (the hunter) came, they came with strategies of various sorts which resonate both parties (hunter and farmer). Each has this curious relationship to the notion of reconciliatory and disposition to pardon but before, it could happen, the youths had being forhaile with numerous painful and unpopular reforms to strengthen the country frail economy. Therefore opportunities rise as the investors look forward for next implantation in the youths psyche through psychoanalysis their current troubles or crisis. They create a serendipitous chances through support of international organisations with their owe vicious ideology, some are guinea, some are not but fraudster. The youths see it as opportunities to move out of the country for green pasture, unknown, some investors have other illicit vices such as smuggling of elephant tusk, drug trading, and human trading in exchange of wealth creation…